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Takahiro Morita / Lui Araki / Toru Yoshida / Shinpei Ueno / Shingo Ogura / Kazuaki Yakushijin

Alex Lee Chang / Shinsuke Haluta / Shinya nohara / issey kumatani / AND MORE

Putting together highly-respected skaters from the East and West,
Strush Wheels was founded in 2003. Through numerous wheel tests,
Strush Wheels has created standard/filmer wheels using high qualitymaterials.

Our goal is to offer the best quality wheels for all kinds of skaters.
Strush Wheels also produces clothing and audio-visual piece, releasingits

1st DVD "Collective Improvisation" in 2007, 2nd DVD "Cityscape" in 2012.

With diverse andunique styles of the skaters, the DVD was well-received by people bothin and outside Japan.
Strush Wheels supports not only skaters but also artists,photographers, DJs and filmmakers.

The possibilities are endless.

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